Fit/One VS Tropos

One of the best experiences I had on my trip was absolutely free of charge, on the outskirts of the city. Not a tourist destination by all means.

One evening in Frankfurt I spent time in a gym. Its called Fit/One. I went to check it out after being recommended by one of the guys I was staying with. He advised that I try everything ( <Prova tutto, va bene?> ). I didn’t try the solarium – when I initially checked it out it was occupied and then I forgot to go back – but I did work out on the stair and elliptical machines, drink pineapple and lemon infused waters from the drink station, try out the vibrating platform machine, walked around, saw where the group lessons are held, and got a towel to borrow. It is a beautiful gym. Lots of space and lots of different toys. Very clean and modern with black floors and walls and lime green accents. Then I hit the shower.

I would have liked to have taken pictures because I was immediately hit by the contrast. But I didn’t because I didn’t want to risk making the other women feel uncomfortable or get in trouble.

The changing room is two big rooms with lockers lining the walls. When you open the door from the gym, on the side of the wall to your immediate right is a bar table complete with hair dryers and mirrors. If you walk along this side you end up at the adjacent corner of the room where there is an opening. This is the entrance to the showers. The showers are another big room with shower heads lining the walls. Let me remind you that everything in these rooms is black. The floors, the walls, and the ceilings.





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