Christian Art

La Cattedrale di Comacchio
La Basilica di San Lorenzo

I was recently asked what I thought about “Christian Art.”

Like all things, it was made to serve a purpose.

Traveling around Europe I have come across lots of churches and most of the time I will take a quick peek inside. Most often they are highly decorated. Extensive use of the colors red, white and gold, chandeliers, marbles, frescoes, statues, high ceilings, colored glass, intricate patterns. As a center for increasing one’s chances of a more spiritual life and a better afterlife, this place has put a lot of effort in making the most of its present, earthly resources.

Not all churches look like this. In Florence the Basilica of San Lorenzo was designed by Filippe Brunelleschi. An architect that designed base on the principle that form follows function, which makes him arguably the first modern architect. He also believed that proportionality was pleasing to the human eye and rationality as his guide. An eye for beauty and without the intention of making the church look awe inspiring for the sake of new followers.

I also believe that there is something pleasing about simplicity, rationality, and proportionality.



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